tutorial: how to play animal crossing on your computer

Since i’ve been getting so many asks about this i figure it would help everyone just to make a step by step tutorial, starting with the emulator. With this, you should also be able to play other games. 

Go to dolphin’s website and download the most current version of the dolphin emulator. 

Before you go any further, you’ll need to download the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer and the Microsoft Visual C++ Package. Not sure why or what they do, but dolphin won’t run without them. Then, you need to get the free trial (or the regular version, if you wish, but that costs money) of winrar. Click the setup and follow the instructions on screen.

Once that’s done, go to where you downloaded dolphin and extract the files using winrar, the thing you just downloaded. It should make the icon next to files like a stack of books. 

Wa-la! The emulator is now set up and ready to use! first, you have to download some games. To get animal crossing, go here. Open the downloaded file just like you did with dolphin. Now you need to extract them with winrar. 

Once that’s done, go back and open dolphin. This screen should come up:

Your emulator will have no games in it. Click browse to open animal crossing.

The animal crossing file should be in your downloads folder somewhere. Just click until you find a folder called eur-acgc. This folder contains the extracted game files. 

You’re all done! Now you can play animal crossing on your computer. Please keep in mind that emulating any game is illegal, so I would rather you go out and buy the game. But anyway, enjoy and have fun!

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