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generic animal cross picture


generic animal cross picture


im having trouble with the lineart for this but i really like the sketch at least

hikarushirou replied to your post:hi anyone want to give me a smash 4 code

tbh the demo is kinda small? Someone gave me a code and it only lets you do a solo match with Mario, Link, Megaman or Villager in the one stage. No options, trial, practice, bean bag slapping around, etc. Unless that’s good enough for one. :x idk

i know nintendo wouldn’t make the whole roster playable that’s  why its a demo but i played one round on my friend’s ds today and i crave it… u feel me

hi anyone want to give me a smash 4 code

how would u feel if i started this up again from the beginning

i might draw a prolouge chapter that i post all at once before i try doing weekly updates but i really want to do it soon so

Anonymous; "Why do you have 2 copy's of acww?"


Anonymous; "which animal crossing games do you own?"


able sisters backstory pt. 2

able sisters backstory pt. 1

since this of new leaf a lot of the fandom doesn’t know about the details so i figured i would post the conversations as they come up because this story is such an important part of the game 2 me

ducklets; "hiho I downloaded cf following ur emulator guide and I was just wondering if the audio is supposed to sound like a creepy//laggy animal crossing from hell or if something's gone wrong :'D"

thats probably just because the emulator is not running at full speed!! check the top of the emulator and it might be running at like 78% or something. if thats the case and u want to play at full speed with full audio try closing some windows and it should run faster.

if that’s not the problem then i don’t know, i haven’t encountered laggy music except in that situation

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when people draw bill my heart soars