1/2 of my itunes library is video game soundtracks f u nintendo for having good osts

Anonymous; "hello! i'm new to tumblr and im starting an animal crossing blog and i was wondering if you knew any other good ac blogs to follow"

check out my blogroll. i follow like 160 something animal crossing blogs, almost all of them are active

Anonymous; "hey i'd really like to get into ac and i just wanted to ask why you don't use city folk and wide world towns anymore? is it less interesting than new leafs? also, if you don't mind me asking, which one would you recommend to start with? sorry for the huge amount of questions!"

it’s just that i don’t really play more than one version at a time. and i’ve done everything there is to do in the other games.

i would start with wild world or cf if you’re just getting into it. i feel like acgc is only good to older players because of nostalgia so starting with the later games would probs be better

Anonymous; "Flabbey I swear there is a girl at my school that looks exactly like you I am scared"

it is me

some bullcrap doodle im most likely never going to finish

some bullcrap doodle im most likely never going to finish


The Mayor’s Magic.

Anonymous; "Draw Copper & Booker cooling off, and having a sexy splash fight. :)"

sorry friend that’s already been done and i don’t think i can top the master artist who went before me

Anonymous; "oh god why"

YOU don’t get to question my life choices

Copper and booker cool off by exciterex

i got don’s pic……………..

Anonymous; "You got 3,500 notes on that post about summer tell us your secret"

i sold mmy soul to tom nook

Anonymous; "Will you be my bæ"

sorry im taken



wtf is this bc…. what a load of bull crap

romancatholicchurch; "When I see your icon I remember how you said a loong time ago that it looks like Bill is eating the trumpet and I laugh about it"

ican never forget about that